Why we invest in Proptech

Despite growing interest and funding in proptech in South Korea, no VC funds had sufficient expertise or network in this sector.

Breeze Investment is the first venture capital to utilize its industry knowledge and network to focus on investing in promising proptech startups.

  • $1.4B+
    Investments in
    S. Korean Proptech
  • 160+
    # of Korean
    Proptech Startups
  • $645M+
    Proptech Startup

* All figures for FY2020, in USD (1 USD=1086.08 KRW, 2020/12/31)

Where we invest in Proptech

Technology is constantly changing the way people define and interact with “space.” We aim to invest in promising proptech startups in both traditional and emerging sectors.

Proptech began in South Korea in the early 2000s, in the form of property platforms and shared services. Since then, Proptech has seen greater penetration of technology in areas including construction, home furnishing, and logistics. Proptech is now evolving to reflect changing needs and values. Introduction of advanced technology has led to the expansion of various B2B/C services as well as the growth of metaverse. The rising importance of sustainability has led to greater attention to ESG.

Our team strongly believes in investing in not only the traditional but also the emerging Proptech sectors. Ultimately, our team seeks to support and grow the Proptech market in South Korea.

What we believe

Our team firmly believes in building partnerships and collaborating with Next Generation Changemakers